Choose Your Words Wisely

As important it is to create positive circumstances, it's just as important to attract pleasant emotions. The power of words can help to shift your emotion in any situation. Choosing words of affirmations can help with your daily work life and create better relationships.

Being mindful of what you say can elevate your day as well as others. Certain words used a daily basis can shift your mindset and can also influence others to be let into positive space rather than remaining into a negative space.

Speak Confidently

When speaking of your projects, be proud of it. Often times, we may feel shy about talking about our latest project. Expressing your excitement about your latest adventure can be done in a confident and humble way.

Would've, Could've, Should've

Do you find yourself saying, “I should've gone to the gym" or "I could've created a better video for YouTube.” We're our own worst critics. Using words such as would've, could've, should've brings a negative connotation. Replace those words with “I will feel better by going to the gym" or “I'm going to create a great video to inspire others.” As words are replaced, there's a shift in the energy of your words.


Running the rate race is tricky. It's normal to have a bad day. However, it's damaging to your spirit to let the bad day take over. In the morning, choose an affirmation that will keep you going. This affirmation is a simple sentence easy to remember. Writing it down on a post-it and stick it to your computer. If you fall off track, observe the post-it.

Be kind to yourself. Remember you're number one!


By Maritza Diaz