2016 Reflections

2016 was by far one of the most interesting, challenging and thought-provoking years in a long time. With everything that lies before us at this moment, there’s no better time than now to use our voices and talents to elevate others and be the change we want to see. With the extraordinary work executed by the members of our community this past year, we have no doubt that we will continue to leave our mark in the digital space as the thought leaders, influencers and boss ladies that we are.

Looking back at our campaigns and #WeAllGrow events has warmed our hearts and filled us with pride to see all that we, as a community, have accomplished. We’ve traveled, celebrated nuestra cultura, cried and laughed together. We’ve built businesess, collaborated with and counted on each other when the world just didn’t seem right.

We’ve also had the absolute privilege and honor of working with multiple brands and corporations whose missions align with ours. Empowerment, strength, courage and the celebration of sisterhood have been at the core of our campaigns and events thanks to the brands who choose to be part of our movement in a meaningful way.

Here are our campaign highlights of 2016.

Chewbacca mom wasn’t the only one feeling the Kohl’s love last year. #LatinaBloggers celebrated Las Pascuas with them, and had a blast choosing from their wide variety of Spring outfits for the whole family.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant was a must-have for us in 2016. Whether they were attending a red carpet event, hosting a girls night out or traveling around the world, #LatinaBloggers were protected for 48 hours with a with a light and fresh fragrance that only Dove can deliver.

Some campaigns took us on the road! Staci Salazar of 7 on a Shoestring and her family traveled from Dallas to Sioux Falls on America’s longest highway (I-90) to see how far Scott 1000 would take them.

Fashion, events and travel are just some of the topics we covered in 2016. Beauty was also was very much present, as Latina Influencers teamed up with Clinique to share their skincare routine. As usual, the tutorials were on point and the images were gorgeous.

And of course, the year would not be complete without the smell of something cooking in the kitchen. #LatinaBloggers encouraged us to never skip breakfast again with their collaboration with the American Egg Board. We can’t build our empires on an empty stomach!

The debut of Disney’s first Latina Princess, Elena of Avalor, was a full-on celebration with screening parties, art activities and little girls everywhere feeling the familia love on the Disney Channel. We were very proud to be part of this special event in Disney history!

Not only did we leave colorful and rich digital footprints all over the internet like bosses, we also created magic brick and mortar style with our fabulous and inspirational #WeAllGrow events.

450 attendees gathered at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach last March to share their stories, connect in person with online friends and build long-lasting relationships with brands and sponsors. From meditation and groundbreaking keynotes to inspiring sessions and trips throughout the city, the Summit encompassed what it means to live moments of awe.

From the beginning, we knew it was important it was to make build a true community via in-person connections with the Latinas who are at the forefront of changing the conversations online. We still believe that there is no substitute for face to face connections. Our culture is best experienced live, so we expanded our events to new locations and themes.. This year, as part of #WeAllGrow Cities, we headed to Miami for a full-day of learning, laughing and pure magic.

Through the years, we’ve seen plenty of changes in the digital landscape but no matter what may be trending at the time, family comes first. To honor how it all began online for many of us, we launched #WeAllGrowFamilia, and it was everything California dreams are made of and more.

Munchkin welcomed us to their headquarters with open arms, and it’s become one of our new favorite places in LA. Surrounded by art and sunshine, the one-day event was packed with actionable take-aways for launching a business while raising a family. For example, Camila Alves’, co-founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, down to earth approach to work, family life and travel inspired many attendees to let go of their guilt of pursuing their dream business.

We have much more in store for you in 2017, including our annual #WeAllGrow Summit in March in Long Beach and our second trip back to the Big Apple for #WeAllGrowNYC. We are planning exciting new campaigns for you with new brand partners, and continue with our mission to find new ways for our community of Latinas to grow.

If you know a Latina who is looking to grow her influence online as well as join us as we come together in 2017, share our signup form with her! Because when one grows, we all grow.

Here’s to 2017!

The Cheapest and Fastest Ways to Get to Hotel Maya

Before we all know it, the beginning of March will be here, which means it’ll be time for #WeAllGrow Summit 2017! By now, your tickets have been purchased and you’re busy preparing your hotel arrangements and flights. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget those somewhat small but oh-so important details, like transportation to and from the airport.

But that’s why your friends at #WeAllGrow Latina Network are here to make traveling throughout the West Coast easy and as stress-free as possible! Most likely, you’ll either be flying into the Long Beach Airport (10 miles away) or LAX (22 miles away).

Whichever airport you decide on, we’re giving you the best and most convenient options to get to Hotel Maya.


While FlyAway is only available at LAX, it’s definitely the cheapest option to get you to Long Beach. These buses travel from LAX to specific FlyAway stations throughout the LA area and you’re in luck because there is one in Long Beach! The best part? The ride costs only $9. You can find the stations on the Lower/Arrivals Level in front of each terminal under the green "FlyAway® Buses and Long Distance Vans" sign. Every bus is marked with its destination so it’s super easy to hop on the one traveling to Long Beach.

It should be noted that the only downside to FlyAway is that the bus will not drop you off at Hotel Maya. Instead, you’ll be dropped off at the corner of 1st St. and Long Beach Blvd. The station is about two miles away from the hotel so grabbing a cab or Uber would be incredibly easy to complete your journey.

Uber and Lyft

By now, most of us are familiar and frequently use ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. If you’re flying into LAX, you have the option of choosing either service, as both are allowed to pickup and drop off on airport property.

Once you grab your luggage, head outside and up to the Arrivals level. Wait under any of the "Ride Service pickup" signs. For specific directions on getting to your ride, here is Uber’s information and here is Lyft’s. Once you’re there, request a ride as usual. Depending on what time you arrival into LA, it might take a little bit for you to be picked up. Prices also vary depending on your arrival time and the airport's busyness. Expect to pay anywhere between $27 - $32 for Uber and $28 - $39 for Lyft but again rates are subject to change based on availability.

If you’re flying into Long Beach Airport, you’ll only be able to use Uber as Lyft is prohibited from picking up travelers. After getting your luggage, head outside near baggage claim and wait for your driver. For additional information, check out all the details here so you know exactly what to do once you land. The average price to get to Hotel Maya is between $38-$50.


Another great option is to get a shared shuttle service. These are shared rides that you book in advance to take you right to the front steps of Hotel Maya. Depending on where the other travelers are going in your van, it could take some time but the the best part about this service is that it will drop you off right at the hotel! So all you have to do is get off the plane, grab your bags and head outside to wait for your ride.

Additionally, since you book it ahead of time, it’s a flat rate. For example, if you book with Super Shuttle, it will cost you exactly $17 to get from LAX to Hotel Maya. This service is extremely convenient, super easy to sign up for and really takes the stress out of traveling.

Here’s a list of several companies that operate out of both airports:


Another great option is hopping in a taxi. There are approximately 10 taxi companies that operate throughout LAX. Make sure to check out the full list here. The service can be found curbside on the Lower/Arrival levels in front of each terminal. Look out for the yellow signs marked “Taxis.”

Long Beach Yellow Cab is available for travelers outside the terminal. You can actually pre-arrange your service prior to arriving in Long Beach. While the site doesn’t allow you to calculate your fare, the Long Beach Airport website does state these fees:

  • $2.85 - Initial flag drop, including first 1/9th mile or 30 seconds or fraction thereof
  • $0.30 - Each additional 1/9th mile or part
  • $0.30 - Each 37 seconds waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19/hour wait)

Public Transportation

While taking public transportation from LAX would be far and take a long time, this option is great for those willing to try it when flying into Long Beach. The Long Beach Transit fare is $1.25 for all fares (although subject to change without notice). This will be the cheapest option if you’re looking to save money, but just be aware that it could take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes once you factor in all the stops.

There are a lot of wonderful options to get to Hotel Maya from either airport that will fit the budget and lifestyle of all our attendees. If you’re still a little confused or looking for advice from past attendees, make sure to use the private attendees Facebook page to get some advice. It’s also a great way to meet others, find out if anyone else is on your flight and possibly share a ride to the hotel!

5 Cookie Recipes with Domino Sugar

The holidays are steeped with family traditions and many of these happen in the kitchen.Baking recipes are passed down from generation to generation and each year new recipes are added as well. #LatinaBloggers shared their tasty holiday cookie recipes in collaboration with Domino® and C&H® Sugar. Check them out below! 

If you're looking for a simple way to start you can make dozens of different cookies with C&H®Sugar’s 1001 Cookie Starter Recipe! You make a 10-cup starter mix then use it as a base for baking a variety of cookies, all at once.


Egg-less Flan Cookies Recipe by Mommy's Home Cooking

"These Eggless Flan Cookies are teeming with all the goodness of the beloved “Flan”! They’re delicious and ultra-satisfying. Perfect for any celebration, holiday, or any occasion you are craving cookies." Read full recipe here ... 

Google Chrome 3.png

Thin Mexican Wedding Cookies recipe by Little Inspiration 

"Every Holiday season, we bake the same wedding cookies, but this year, I’m planning on making my favorite holiday cookie into a very thin version that is delicate, delicious and that melts in your mouth." Read full recipe here ... 

Vanilla Cookies Recipe by Mi Diario de Cocina

 "In a single bite you will notice how they crumble into your mouth, plus enjoying a mild yet addictive taste. They are perfect to go with a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate." Read full recipe here ... 

Chewy Espresso Cookies.jpg

Chewy Espresso Cookies Recipe by Always Order Dessert 

"Made with good instant espresso, and a mix of granulated and dark brown sugar, these cookies are the perfect mix of sophisticated and classic. It's that chewy texture that everyone loves, with rich and totally grown-up coffee flavor that will definitely be a hit with your family and friends." Read full recipe here ... 

Ginger Cookies Recipe by Dominican Cooking 

"The holidays are a time when happy memories of the past come to us, and they’re usually connected to sensorial memories: tastes, aromas, sounds, etc. For some reason for a great part of the world the combination of ginger and cinnamon is connected with winter and year-end holidays." Read full recipe here ... 

On The Go with LALA® Yogurt Smoothies

Happy New Year! Now it's time to get going and get back to the grind. Our lives don't stop, always running around taking the kids to school, working out and running household errands can get crazy! Don't worry, LALA® Yogurt Smoothies has you covered for your on-the-go life! For more than six decades, LALA®  has been providing families with the great taste and nutrition of delicious, good-for-you dairy products. They’re always looking for new ways to fuel your on-the-go lifestyle with the goodness of fresh dairy products.  Some of our Texas Latina Influencers share how LALA® Yogurt Smoothies are the perfect on-the-go snack for their on-the-go life. #LALAHEB

Hott Mom in the City

"Eating on-the-go is something many of us do during the busy weeks of the holidays. This time of year can very busy and hectic for many of us. The perfect on-the-go snack can keep us in a jolly mood between holiday events and the shopping madness. LALA® Yogurt Smoothies are a delicious snack made with real fruit and offer 5g of protein."


"LS is on the receiving end of whatever I put in my body, so the fact that LALA® Yogurt Smoothies are made with real fruit [or real nuts, depending on the flavor you buy] makes deciding what to quickly grab from the fridge pretty easy."


Seven Graces

"I usually skip breakfast, but with nursing, I must eat. Since I’m always pressed for time because of our never-ending busy schedule, I’ve been on the hunt for simple breakfasts and snacks. The other day, we headed to H-E-B, and I found these LALA® Yogurt Smoothies, and they are the perfect solution to satisfying my hunger while I’m on-the-go. They have 5g of protein and 8g of whole grains."

To check out more about LALA® Yogurt Smoothies visit their Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Holiday Adventures with Dove

This holiday season was full of food, family and lots of love. Whether we traveled to visit family, took an end-of-year road trip or simply ventured out to discover a new place within our hometown, the holiday season is a busy time for all of us. So staying fresh and dry is a must during this time.

Deodorant is a key part of every woman’s daily beauty routine, which is why it is so important to use one you can trust to keep feeling fresh and confident as you go about exploring your passions and interests. With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, you can just #ShakeSprayGo and have the assurance of 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove ¼ moisturizers. Our Latina influencers shared their holiday routines to #ShakeSprayGo!

Lynnette Joselly

"With all the running around from hosting parties to attending them, I would like to thank Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant for taking care of me and not letting me be that girl with the funky body odor at these holiday parties! The Dry Spray provides 48 hours of odor and wetness protection with all the care of Dove. "


"It’s very important for me to make time within my daily routine to nurture my mind and body. One product I make sure to use everyday is DOVE Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It keeps me fresh and protected for up to 48 hours."

Little Mixico

"Thank God I made it in time to catch my flight for Mexico City. I arrived at 11:15am in Mexico… so basically I was running around for about 26 hours. Throughout this whole flight I used my Dove Spray and seriously guys.. it worked. I arrived to Mexico and my family didn’t even know I had done that whole excursion. I seriously felt so fresh the whole time even though I was running around like a maniac."

The Fashion Muse

"After, we are taking a road trip down to the city of Atlanta where we will spend the rest of the vacation and welcome in the new year! As for the road trip essentials (and any traveling essential overall) I never fail to pack in my Dove Dry Spray. The Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry and provides 48 hours of odor and wetness protection with all the care of Dove."

For more about Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Shake, Spray and Discover with DOVE

Recently #LatinaBloggers spent the day with DOVE discovering the arts in the beautiful city of LA with host Yarel Ramos. We kicked off the morning exploring the 20th century Latin American galleries at the Los Angeles Count Museum of Art, which is quite extensive. The best part about it? Marveling at Diego and Frida's work as amigas. 

After perusing our favorite works of art, we headed over to La Guelagetza to test out tamale making skills. With the  help of owners Paola and Bricia, I'd say we did pretty well. They also served a few dishes featuring their favorite mole sauce.  Can you say decadent? 

Thank you to Dove for hosting such a fun event. Deodorant is a key part of every woman’s daily beauty routine, which is why it's so important to use one you can trust to keep feeling fresh and confident as you go about exploring your passions and interests.

With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, you can just #ShakeSprayGo and have the assurance of 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove ¼ moisturizers. One less thing to worry about!

Check out our adventures here

Give the Gift of Learning: #RegalaConAmazon

The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year but we also know that it can be extremely overwhelming. How do we choose the perfect present for our family members?

We have one word for you: Amazon! A group of our #LatinaBloggers shared their favorite Amazon devices and why they are the go-to holiday gifts para la familia.

#RegalaConAmazon - WAGLN - 1

Elayna Fernandez

“Technology makes learning easier and more fun! Our digital age offers so many new gadgets that can be order with a simple click and can provide powerful learning and reading opportunities for everyone, and encourage reading, learning and making everyday tasks simpler. Amazon is a great place to knock out your Christmas list items in a creative and effective way!”

#RegalaConAmazon - WAGLN - 2

Romina Tibytt

“Los regalos tecnológicos pueden resultar para una amplia variedad de actividades. Desde juegos, libros online, aplicaciones educativas, aplicaciones y juegos artísticos, entretenimiento, son muchas las posibilidades.”

#RegalaConAmazon - WAGLN - 3

Marta Darby

“Amazon offers a wonderful list of devices that make great gifts for the English and Spanish speakers in your family. Easy to use, without too much of a learning curve. Your Tia Cuca will love you for it.”

We invite you to check out other Amazon Holiday Gift ideas, you’ll even get a champurrado recipe: How to Make Champurrado, Esta Navidad: Amazon, Christmas Tech Guide with Amazon.


#LoveYourHair with Dove

It's no secret that Latinas have beautiful hair. We have an array of colors, textures and lengths and Dove wants to create a world where hair is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Through research they have found that there is a narrow depiction of what “beautiful hair” is traditionally thought to look like, which is why they want to encourage all women to love their hair whether is straight or curly, purple or black. By showcasing all hair types, textures, styles & colors we can change these standards and empower more women to love their hair. Three of our beautiful Latina bloggers were invited to try Dove products and share with us why they love their hair.


Cindy Limon

"Aprendí a querer mi cabello sobre todas las cosas. a sentirme segura de cualquier color que lo tenga, por que todo depende de la actitud que mostremos, seamos felices que la vida es hermosa. Ama tu cabello, cuídalo y se feliz."

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 3.57.57 PM.png

Beauty By Nena

"Aunque me imagino que para muchas es difícil de imaginarse el sufrimiento y la ansiedad que pase dolo por causa de mi cabello, se que al mismo tiempo hay muchas que se ven reflejadas en mi historia y están pensando 'si así me siento yo!'... Fue entonces que empece a sentirme con mucha confianza de soltarme el cabello"

Daily Curlz

"It took me a long time to get along with and fall in love with my hair. Now every special event is the appropriate moment to show the world that my hair is beautiful and it is better than yours."

For more on why you should #LoveYourHair with Dove visit their Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Social Media Influencers On The Rise

According to a report released by Chute and Thuzio 360 (a social influencers procurement platform), 66% of the more than 200 marketing professionals surveyed used social influencers as part of their marketing strategies in 2016.

So what is a social influencer? They are individuals who have established a strong online presence through multiple channels and have created a large following. Influencer marketing is the ability to sway the actions and opinions of an audience of prospective customers.

The main reasons companies use social influencers is their concerns about ad blocking and ad avoidance. This fact is that many Americans will use ad blockers. Can you blame them? People don't want to be bothered and simply are overwhelmed with ads popping up everywhere. The social influencer is the perfect solution. You would most likely trust the social influencer because of their authenticity and persona.

That's why brands seek social influencers with high numbers. It's a matter of the audience reach, click-throughs, impressions, and demographics.

If a social media influencer is attached to a brand, then it can be a win-win on both ends. The why comes into play. Why is a social influencer more trusting than an ad? Why does a social influencer get more likes than the retailer themselves?


Loyal audience followers will most likely trust the influencer than the brand themselves. For bloggers, it's an ideal way in marketing their brand and in turn gaining more online presence.

So if you're a blogger with a strong online presence, you might want to consider becoming a social influencer. ¡Buena suerte!


By Maritza Diaz


Blogging Trends for 2017

¿Donde se fue este año? This year went as fast as the year before! It's time to plan your blogging strategy for the new year! Don't let it scare you. It's a great way to become inspired and envision great results for your business. The following trends may not fit at all. However, it can provide you with tools to work with in expanding your brand. Experiment on what works best for your blog.


Visual Content Is Still King

Pictures do tell a thousand words. There are posts that can total over 500 words. Depending on the topic, it can be effective. However, adding high-quality images will help in telling your story. With the right image, it can help in breaking up the text. You can get away with writing about 250 words or less. Of course, if you're working with a brand, there are certain guidelines you might have to follow and would consist of writing an extensive article.

Video is Still On the Rise

From this recent article, video is still highly effective! Bloggers generate stronger results than any other mediums. If it fits your brand, consider implementing video to your strategy.

Promote Your Blog

This trend fits all blog categories. How do you get your blog to be seen? There are many ways and promoting it via social media is a great way to do. After you create the content, promote it on your favorite social media platform. Create a budget that works best for your brand and go for it!

What are other tips will you be implementing?


By Maritza Diaz











How To Make An Impact In 2017

As a blogger, visual content, and storyteller, you have the platform to inspire and motivate others. The impact of a blogger is far more effective as ever. Bloggers are most than just posing for a selfie. Bloggers are influencers.


Amidst the political, social, and cultural differences we have experienced this year, we still have the opportunity to come together and study all sides. Embrace our differences. We can have healthy debates on differences while understanding each other. Remember that you're not alone. There is always someone else experiencing your same sentiments.

Hope, joy, and prosperity are attributes we all want to experience. There is no shame in 'making it to the top.' However at what cost? We come from various economic backgrounds and strive for a better future. Would you rather see a stronger union for all then a divisive community? Break down the barriers of those stepping on others for the sake of elevating their success. Speak on behalf of those who may not have the voice to be heard. Speak on behalf of those who have been living in oppression and want nothing but to be heard. With differences, comes knowledge which can result in compassion.

As we move into 2017, take the time to reflect and reach impactful strides. What type of causes gets you to spark action? Next year and all the years following is the time to act on compassion. It's a chance for bloggers to banish negativity and exude hope.

Wishing you all a healthy and positive new year!

By Maritza Diaz

What Is Your Insta-story?

Are you utilizing Instagram's Story feature? The Snapchat-inspired feature allows you to film, photograph, and colorize your content. 



Instagram stories are displayed based on an algorithm. Meaning, the more you engage with another user, the better chance you’ll see their story. Instagram already commands a captive audience of 300 million users. As for Snapchat, there are about 150 million users. It’ll benefit your brand to start using Instagram Stories because of its’ reach of a wider audience.

The ability to create an Insta-story is brand friendly. It’s another way to communicate your message especially with video. Recently, Instagram Stories have given the user the ability to download the video file to your smartphone.  With the options of filters, colored text, and secrecy settings, the user can now add more to their ‘vision board’ of beautiful imagery.

Instastories are just as fun and engaging as other social media platforms. Perhaps, you’re a Snapchat addict that won’t let go of the puppy filter. We won’t be surprised if Instagram adds quirky animal filters to sway the user

How do you engage through Insta-story?


By Maritza Diaz



Get More from Your Money with #MasConHRBlock

We all love money, but talking finances and taxes is a whole different story! We can't wait to spend the cash, but when it comes time to put our financials and budgets in order we run scared. Three of our top Latina influencers shared stories, tips and ideas to help you save and earn more in places you didn't think possible. Check them out on the H&R Block Talk Blog.

How To Save Cash On Common Splurges

Crafty Chica

When it comes to money and daily life – relax, you don’t have to cut out all things decadent, just find a new perspective. These are the guidelines I use when I’m working on building my balance. They work for me and I hope they do the same for you!

3 Smart Ways To Make Money With Social Media

Alexandra Ramirez

As many people know, social media can be a lucrative business that allows you to connect with people and gain influence. You can also make money while working from home. Who doesn’t want to stay home and make extra money online?

How To Save On Your Next Family Vacation

Jeannette Kaplun

Planning a family vacation can be an exciting, yet daunting task, especially if you’re trying to save as much money as you can. Travel expenses can quickly add up, but the good news is that with a bit of planning, you can go on a family vacation that won’t break the bank. 

For more of these great money making and saving tips follow #MasConHRBlock

Pine-Sol wants to give you $500!

Calling all Makers of Home!

Win a $500 gift card to use toward cleaning services to keep your house spiffy clean:

Families look VERY different today. It’s time to redefine the word homemaker and celebrate modern families who create clean and happy homes for those they love. 

Using the hashtag #MakersOfHome on Instagram, show us your own definition of a “Maker of Home” between Nov 17 – Dec 19 for the chance to win!

Here’s how it works:

  • Follow @WeAllGrowLatina on Instagram.
  • Post your very own #MakersOfHome picture! Share a picture on Instagram that reflects your happy home and who helps to keep it that way. 
  • You must use the hashtags #MakersOfHome and #LatinaBloggers in your entries and tag @WeAllGrowLatina.
  • You may post as many entries as you’d like.
  • All eligible entries must be in by December 19th, 2016 by 9pm PST / 12am EST
  • We will randomly select and announce a winner on December 21st, 2016.

In order for your image to count as an entry, you must follow the instructions and guidelines.

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be 18 and older to participate.
  • You must be a legal U.S. resident physically residing within the forty-eight (48) contiguous United States or the District of Columbia.
  • You must be a member of #WeAllGrow Latina Network. You can join HERE.
  • You must be the rightful owner of the email address and/or social media account associated with the entry.
  • Winner will be notified via email and Instagram tag and will have 72 hours to respond. If there is no response we will select another winner at random.
  • All decisions are final.
  • Void where prohibited.

Visit www.pinesol.com/makersofhome to see some storiesFamilies look VERY different today. It’s time to redefine the word homemaker and celebrate modern families who create clean and happy homes for those they love. 

We can’t wait to see your pictures, comments and tags!

#MakersOfHome Bilingual Twitter Party with Pine-Sol

What do you think of when you hear the word “homemaker”? Perhaps images from the 1950’s are what come to mind. However, families have changed a lot since, and we know that today, 75 percent of moms work outside the home,  single dads head 2.6 million households and grandparents are raising 2.4 million kids and every day, there are 1300 new blended families creating new stepparents.

Multigenerational Family (1).jpg


These statistics show that the term needed some updating.  Pine-Sol® has announced the launch of the ‘Makers of Home’ campaign that highlights the evolution of the idea of ‘homemaker’ and celebrates the members of our families who work to make our homes clean and happy every day. In some homes it might be dad or stepdad, in others it might be abuela.

Join us for a fun hour-long chat where we’ll talk what makes your home unique and full of love!

#MakersOfHome Bilingual Twitter Party

Date: Thursday, November 17th, 2016, 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Where: On Twitter with the hashtag #MakersOfHome

Co-Hosts: @thepositivemom_ @hello_splendid @amiyrahmartin @growupbilingual @laliquin

Moderators:  @weallgrowlatina @laflowers

Special Guest: @christinamilian

Prizes: One (1) grand prize winners receives a $250 gift card. Two (2) winners receive a $100 gift card and one (1) winner receives a $50 gift card.

To be eligible to win, RSVP via the Rafflecopter below, follow @PineSolCleaners,  join the party and participate during the hour with an original tweet (RT’s not eligible) using the #MakersOfHome hashtag. Winners will be chosen at random amongst those who participate and respond correctly to the giveaway questions during the announced timeframes. For full Terms and Conditions click HERE

Pre-Party Prizes! RSVP, invite your Amigas and WIN!

We want this party to start right now, so we have a $25 gift card for two winners. To enter the #StartWithHealthy pre-party giveaway all you have to do is RSVP with your Twitter handle via the Rafflecopter widget below and send out a tweet inviting your friends to join us.


Why Video Is A Must for Your Brand

Although video is not a new concept for content marketing, it's definitely transforming the world of storytelling. This is not to say to go out and purchase a whole video production. Video is changing the way we capture stories. And utilizing video in short form can be useful in broadening your reach.

Stronger Engagement

Visual content marketing evokes stronger emotion. Simply filming a 60 second Instagram video is enough to grab the viewer. Being able to add music is one of the few attributes to effectively connect with your audience. The viewer is able to catch expressions in video better than a stand-still image.

Improves Your Blog's SEO

Adding video to your content marketing will improve your SEO. As video is considered rich media, it's definitely preferred by search engine algorithms. If you're a YouTuber, then there is a better chance of getting noticed. Since Google owns YouTube, can you be sure to be searchable as Google constantly adjusts its algorithms. In your searches, it's not just words that show up, it's video.

Video Is On The Rise

Instagram adding its' feature of “Your Story” is indicative that adding video is powerful. Users share video content more so than any other content. Bloggers have a great chance of gaining more viewers by adding more video to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Video will certainly convert users to customers. If you have an e-book or any other product launch, be sure to add video to the mix. Within five years, 80 percent of online traffic will be online video.

How does video help your brand?


By Maritza Diaz