Sili Recio

Sili Recio is an activist and Chief Executive Mami of My Mamihood, a site focused on the life, liberty and pursuit of Maminess and Motherhood. She recently founded Our Digital Disruption, an organization created as a reaction to agencies, brands, and influencers who refuse to invest in racial equity accountability. Proud of her Afro-Dominican heritage, Sili is committed to uplifting mothers and children around the world by sharing her story and experiences.

Sili holds a bachelor's in psychology from Rollins College and she is pursuing an MBA in social media. She worked as an IT Project Management before pursuing entrepreneurship and advocacy.

Sili is the proud mother of a spirited Afro-Latina 7-year old girl and in her spare time nerds out on spreadsheets and pivot tables. Throwing shade with memes while trying to figure out why the clean laundry will not automatically fold itself round out her current passions.

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