Valentina Patruno


Valentina Patruno came to the United States when she was just 11 years old with her parents, escaping all the dangers of Venezuela at that time. She grew up in Weston, a city west of Fort Lauderdale. The city is now known as "Westonzuela," because of all the Venezuelans that live there. She had a pretty normal life and her dreams were to become a veterinarian or pediatrician. But all that changed when she joined HOSA (Health Occupations of America) in high school and she saw firsthand all the pain and sometimes unfortunate events surrounding the career. While she could see blood and surgeries without hesitation, she could not bear seeing kids or animals suffering. She decided that career was not for her.

Soon after, she found another path, very different and unknown but very interesting - television. This came after she won her first pageant at age 17 and had to go on a press day. Valentina was so shy, she wouldn't even talk into the microphone during her radio interview. Despite her nerves, she was watching and loving everything happening around her. She then decided to study media and television while she was working in Venevision Continental, which then became Cisneros Media. She worked there for 8 years and was the host of one of their most important TV morning shows "Tu Desayuno Alegre," which later became "Tu Dia Alegre," airing every day on Univision all over the U.S. and on the cable channels in Latin America. She was there for six years.

About a year ago, she started exploring the digital world and started her YouTube channel and blog #Valentinastyle, where she shares her experiences and best tips of everything she has learned as Miss Italia nel Mondo 2001, Miss Venezuela World 2003 and a TV personality. Valentina always emphasized being the best version of yourself. She's also an avid lover of social media and has become an influencer while creating and producing her own digital content.

Today, Valentina hosts "Pause Play," a show that interviews the biggest Latin artists in the music industry in a very casual and intimate setting. There are two shows for TV in the Latin market in post production. She's also working very closely with AC Luchemos por la Vida, an organization that helps educate and provide medical treatment to kids with aids in Venezuela, as well as Misses4Peace, an organization of beauty pageant misses and exmisses that doesn't only talk about world peace but fights for it, especially in Venezuela.