Ingrid Macher

Ingrid Macher has been recognized as the most influential Hispanic in the fields of nutrition, health and fitness. After losing 50 lbs. in 90 days, she’s the most reliable source to Latin women looking for a healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing their roles as mothers, wives and professionals.

 Her message has been transmitted and reproduced by the mainstream media in the United States, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, among other countries. Her story has been featured in the Miami Herald, CNN, FOX International, NBC and a long list of print media. Her mission is to educate, bring knowledge and supply tools to the Hispanic community to start a healthy lifestyle and thus spread this lifestyle all over the world.

She is a certified holistic health coach, a certified personal trainer, a motivational speaker, an international conference speaker and a social media specialist. She is the author of, “Kick-Start the New You” and is the founder and creator of “Fat Loss Fiesta,” “Ultimate Power Fit,” the “28-Day Bikini Body Program” and nine other electronic books.