Adriana Epelboim-Levy

Originally from Venezuela and living in Miami, Adriana Epelboim-Levy believed there was an artful play to her strategic nature. While working towards her degree in architecture from Pratt Institute in New York City, she freelanced for modeling agencies and deepened her passion for the fashion industry. Adriana fell in love with the intricacy behind geometries and concept in modern fashion design.

Adriana deepened her skills in footwear by attending courses at the prestigious Ars Sutoria, a school dedicated to footwear design. Soon enough, she decided to pursue her lifetime dream of intersecting architecture and fashion into its simplest and sexiest form - sculptural shoes.

ALEPEL was founded at the end of 2013 with the mission of dressing modern, successful and active women who wear shoes as a statement piece. The ALEPEL woman likes to stand out, she is identifiable through the symbol of “The Line." The line, a trademarked element, is a rubber injection on the leather sole that will never wear out no matter how much the sole is used. It's an intrinsic part of the construction of the shoe, a unique craftsmanship process achieved by experts at the Brazilian factory. Each ALEPEL shoe is handmade with the finest Italian leathers.