Mia Pineda

Mia Pineda is a Life Coach and Kabbalistic Astrologist whose passion is to awaken human beings so they can understand the power of working today in order to build a better tomorrow.

Mia shares and works her vision day-by-day from a Kabbalistic and psychological perspective with an incomparable style, which has led her to be a recognized author, public speaker, entrepreneur and the creator of the successful digital platform MIA ASTRAL. Her passion, creativity and entrepreneurship has let her develop successful courses, products and conferences, like her yearly astrology planner, "Decision Power: The Power to Make Your Life Exciting," conferences and her online courses, "Love Yourself More,” “12 Months of Empowerment" and "Ripping Patterns.”

Mia currently resides in Miami where she keeps developing her vision and conquering her audience, standing out as one of the most influential, must-read, Latin-American woman in the past 6 years.

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