Anabelle Blum

Many adjective could be used to describe Anabelle Blum, a talented Venezuelan journalist and television and radio anchor, but the one she most identifies with is being an expert communicator, something she has been able to perfect after gaining years of experience as a host for multiple quality and reputable shows.

Since 2009, Anabelle has been based in Miami where she has participated as an anchor in several shows, including “La Tijera” and “Escandalo TV,” both of them in Telefutura. She has also co-hosted along with “La Rubia de America,” the show named after the beloved Dominican TV personality Charytin, which aired on Mega TV. Her most recent national television project was with the Unimas daily show, “Tu Dia Alegre.”

Anabelle’s ability to sell products, introduce concepts and entertain an audience have allowed her to remain current throughout her career. Thanks to her talent as an entertainer and her ability to adapt to new markets and outlets, she has been able to launch and and found Familia Perfecta. This multi-platform concept was born as a result of her own experiences as a daughter, sister, wife, mom divorcee, remarried woman and, now also, a stepmother who learned that using tools like patience, tolerance, love and a sense of humor, she could create the perfect familia for herself.

Familia Perfecta is, without a doubt, a reflection of Anabelle’s optimistic and hopeful views of the complex world that is human relationships within the same household.

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