Paola Celis Sanchez


Paola Celis Sanchez is a mother, wife, author, family counselor and vlogger. Born in Mexico, she was raised in Tijuana and along the San Diego border, which has given her the richness of both cultures and languages. She embraces this with her family and it is portrayed on her YouTube vlogs.

Paola shares it all with her YouTuber followers, who range in age, and both of her channels address a wide range of topics, like parenting, relationships, motherhood, cooking, beauty, lifestyle and personal growth. Currently, she is writing her first ebooks, "El Manual de la Mamá Imperfecta” and “Única y Valiosa.”

She has worked with youth, families and couples giving speeches, seminars and counseling, which she enjoys. She believes in the power of social and massive media, which is now the most effective way to reach to people, women and families to communicate ideas and knowledge all around the world.

The online world has given Paola the opportunity to help people by doing online counseling and partnering with brands that empower and support women and individuals, as well as promote family values and happiness.

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