Tania Gilinski

Tania Gilinski is a pioneer in the world of children’s entertainment in Spanish with a career that spans over 25 years. She is the creator of the adorable children’s character Juana la Iguana, which she grew with the help of an incredible team into a multinational entertainment franchise that includes a live action TV series, live shows and licensing deals. Juana was born from a dream that Tania had to create a character that children in Latin America could relate to and that would inspire them to create a better world. An entire generation of Latin American parents now want their children to grow up with Juana like they did. After a 10-year hiatus, Juana la Iguana is back in a world that is digital and with a new perspective as an immigrant.

In this latest iteration, Juana is an animated character with a series on YouTube and a 2016 Parent’s Choice Recommended App. Tania is currently working on new story lines filled with adventure but, most of all, with valuable life lessons on perseverance, family, honesty and friendship. Tania lives with her husband and four kids in Miami and is a graduate of Wellesley College and Stanford University. She began her career at Procter & Gamble, was one of the first Latinas in Apple and has worked in television, publishing and marketing.

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