Lissette Pedreiras

The world of fashion has always been a personal passion for Lissette Pedreiras. Whether figuring out what to wear for work or a night out with the girls, she has always felt inspired to dream big, dare to be different and explore the possibilities with fashion.

In November 2012, after spending months actively planning every detail of her wedding and keeping a close eye on her favorite fashion and beauty blogs, she decided it was finally time to join the fun of inspiring others through her love of fashion!

Lissette’s blog, LiiRaven, blog covers so many aspects from beauty, fashion, brand reviews, home decor, food and much more.

Now that she is a mom, none of those things have changed - just a newfound love of kids fashion! Lissette loves inspiring women and showing others that being a mom means you can do it all and that each day is always an adventure.

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