Aguavida Premium Water is a Los Angeles based
Alkaline Water company that not only strives to bring the best and purest water to its
customers but also, be environmentally friendly by reusing and reducing plastic
consumption. Aguavida produces and distributes locally to reduce environmental
footprint that have long-term affects on our environment and most importantly, Earth’s
largest ecosystem, the oceans. One of their main goals is to work towards relieving our
ocean of being a plastic landfill.
 Aguavida encourages people to drink pure and clean water that is beneficial for their
health. With over 500 contaminants in our local water, it’s vital we drink clean and pure
water and Aguavida targets to do just that! Using the Reverse Osmosis system while
adding back minerals, Aguavida increases the level of the pH from 8.5-9.5 raising it’s
alkalinity level to make it more clean, pure, and more hydrating than regular and many
bottled water.
 Aguavida works with supermarkets like Whole Foods by placing alkaline water vending
machines in certain locations that gives people a chance to vend their own water. They
also provide customers with home and office delivery service to deliver right to your

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